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Curington Construction was the selected contractor to build our new blower/flare compound. The compound was designed and constructed for integration into our gas desulphuization facility and had a great deal of automation included.

The compound was fast tracked through design; with major equipment changes after the design was completed and put out to bid. As a result there were challenges to overcome during construction. Curington was meticulous in the project review and pro-active in identifying the challenges early and came to discussion with possible solutions. They were open and accommodating during discussions and took a team approach as we worked through the project.

Curington was accommodating, competitively priced, fair with change orders and delivered a well-constructed facility in a timely manner. I will have no hesitation including them in future projects.

~ Charles Orcutt
Waste Management Market Area Engineer
Okeechobee Landfill, Inc.

Recently we had a blower flare compound constructed, which will be integrated, into our future gas desulphurization facility. As such, the compound was considerably more sophisticated than your standard flare compound. Curington Construction was the selected contractor. This was my first project working with Curington and I was thoroughly satisfied with the way they performed. Curington was mindful of our ongoing operations and made every effort to minimize the impact to our facility during construction.

When we have a similar project to be construction, I will certainly invite Curington to bid. Curington Construction was very accommodating with requested changes and delivered a clean, neat and well-constructed facility at a competitive price.

~ Tony Bishop
District Manager Waste Management
Okeechobee Landfill, Inc.

Gulf Power would like to take this opportunity to thank Curington Construction for their work performed on the Perdido Landfill Gas to Energy Facility. Curington performed all their work in a safe and efficient manner and fulfilled all expectations of Gulf Power. Curington Construction employees are truly professionals, delivering quality craftsmanship during the entire construction and commissioning process. Earning trust is an essential part of a successful project, and Curington Construction performed admirably in this area. Gulf Power looks forward to working with Curington Construction in the future.”

~ Charles Howton
Generation Performance Manager
Gulf Power

The Board of Directors would like to express their sincere appreciation for all that you have done for Trinity Lutheran Church. Working with you on all aspects of the building was a wonderful experience. Your advice and counsel to help us get exactly what we wanted was beyond anything we could have expected.

As pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for the Christian way in which you handled everything.”

~ Pastor Mader
Trinity Lutheran Church

Our experience with Curington could not have been better. They did some design work, evaluated and recommended subs and acted as General Contractor on our project. This was an unusual project; not difficult technically, but the first such facility in the area. Construction was finished in a timely manner, with no problems, and the work was very well done. I found Curington Construction to be easy to work with, honest, professional and committed to quality and satisfying their clients. Not only would I recommend them to anyone, I fully intend to utilize them again as soon as I have another project in Florida.”

~ Rodney C. Jones
Managing Member
G2 Energy LLC

The Curington Company and the Curington family have contributed greatly to the Marion County community for over [35] years. Their work with helping the Salvation Army build buildings to help the homeless and feed the poor is without comparison. Much of their work was either donated or done at cost.

Our company specifically has used Curington Contracting to build commercial buildings for us. In addition Curington Contracting has built two houses personally for my husband and me. All Curington work is always performed on time, within budget and with exceptional quality.

We would highly recommend Curington to any company or persons who need construction services.”

~ Sarah T. Dean
Vice President and C.F.O.
Townley Manufacturing Co., Inc.

This letter is being written on behalf of Curington Contracting Inc. in recognition of their outstanding construction work for Pro Poly of America and for the Dean family.

With regard to Pro Poly the Curington Company constructed our current manufacturing plant and office building here in Ocala. The plant and office have held up well over the years. We are also planning for an addition to the plant with Curington as well.

The Dean family owns Pro Poly. In addition, the Dean family owns two brick office buildings in Ocala which were built by the Curingtons. Both buildings were superbly built with good quality and on time.

All in all, Curington Contracting Inc. is one of the best construction firms in Florida.”

~ Sarah T. Dean
Vice President and C.F.O.
Pro Poly of America, Inc.

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the hard work you put into constructing the warehouse expansion here at Conimar. I was impressed with the follow up, communication and complete professionalism demonstrated by everyone involved with the project. It was refreshing to work with people who genuinely enjoy their work.

We have been quite pleased with the building overall. The lighting is obviously energy efficient and the gutter system has functioned quite well with all the heavy rains we have had.

Although business has slowed, it is certain there will be additional construction needs in our future and we will be in touch with you when that time comes.”

~ Terry Crawford
Conimar Corporation

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